Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Project: St. Mary on the Lake; Bellevue, WA
Sisters of St Joseph of Peace
Contact: Mr. Lee Stanton; Stanton Associates (206) 725-4272

Description: St. Mary on the Lake is a four building campus constructed in the early 1960’s with perimeter Hot Water Heating.  A central Boiler was placed in the Main Building with underground Hot Water Heating distribution piping to the other three Dorm Buildings.  It was determined in 2008 that the Boiler and underground piping had reached the end of their service lifes and needed to be replaced.  Coles Consultants L.L.C. was hired by Stanton Associates (Architectural) to provide mechanical and electrical expertise.  Coles Consultants L.L.C. prepared Mechanical and Electrical Contract Documents for replacing the central Boiler with individual Boilers in each Building.  Three Dorm Buildings have been completed as of May 2010 and the Main Building Construction is scheduled to begin in June 2010.

Project: Shop Ventilation System
Bens Cleaner Sales, Inc. Seattle, WA
Contact: Mr. Gordon Meyer, (206) 622-4262

Description: Bens Cleaner Sales, Inc. repairs internal combustion engines associated with there business.  The office and shop facilities are in a single structure and exhaust fumes travel throughout the building when engines are test ran.  Coles Consultants L.L.C. was hired to prepare mechanical and electrical contract documents for installation on an engine exhaust removal system.  This documents were completed in 2008 and the status of construction is unknown.

Project: Wells Fargo; Westlake Center, Seattle, WA
Client: Wells Fargo Bank                                                                                      Contact: Mr. Paul Robison; Robison Engineering, Inc. (206) 364-3343

Description: Coles Consultants L.L.C. was hired by Robison Engineering, Inc. to prepare electrical contract documents for re-establishing electrical power to rental space managed by Wells Fargo.  The electrical service to the rental space was served from an adjacent building and Seattle City Light would not allow servide to be re-energized.  Electrical service for the rental space was reconfigured and served from the electric service in the building where the rental space was located.  This project was completed in June 2008.

Project: Sewer Lift Station No. 24 Everett, WA
Client: City of Everett, WA
Contact: Ms. Caroline Barlow PE; Murry, Smith & Associates, Inc. (425) 252 – 9003

Description: Coles Consultants L.L.C. is a sub-consultant to Murray, Smith & Associates, Inc and providing HVAC and Plumbing expertise. This project is at approximately the 60 percent design completion stage and is currently on HOLD as directed by the City of Everett.

Project: HVAC for Day Care Facility
Client: Causey Family LLC Seattle, WA

Description: This project began as a design/build project by the sheetmetal sub-contractor.  The City of Seattle became concerned with the extent of modifications being performed and required that a Registered Professional Engineer design the HVAC System.  Coles Consultants was hired directly by the Owner of the property to prepare HVAC drawings.  This project was completed in June 2007.