Testing & Troubleshooting

Project: Black Engineers Headquarters Building Alexandria, Virginia
Client: National Society of Black Engineers
Contact: Mr. Carl Mack; Executive Director (703) 549 – 2207   
Coles Consultants L.L.C. was hired by the National Society of Black Engineers to investigate their HVAC System in their Alexandria Virginia Headquarters Building.  Their Headquartes Building was occupied in Year 2006 and the  HVAC System had never performed as designed.  Mr. Carl Mack Executive Director and Mr. David M. Coles of Coles Consultants L.L.C. had worked together prior to Mr. Mack joining the National Society of Black Engineers.  Mr. Mark trusted Mr. Coles to troubleshoot the HVAC System at their Headquarters building because of their previous association.  It was determined that the VAV (Variable Air Volume) parallel fan powered terminal units were programmed to operate as series fan powered terminal units.  The VAV terminal units were programmed for parallel operation resulting in the HVAC System performing as designed.  It was also discovered during the investigation that a substantial portion of the electric resistance heating coils were not performing per the design.  The Testing and Troubleshooting were completed in August 2007.

Project: Wells Fargo Bank; Lacey, WA
Client: Wells Fargo Bank                                      
Contact: Mr. Paul Robison; Robison Engineering, Inc (206) 364 -3343
Description: Coles Consultants L.L.C. was hired by Robison Engineering, Inc., the Design Engineering firm, to investigate and troubleshoot the overheating that was occurring at this recently opened bank branch.  It was determined that the thermostat for a major portion of the building was out of calibration resulting in constant overheating of the occupied spaces.  Because this building was remotelycontrolled , the person that was attempting to solve the overheating issues was unaware the theromstat was out of calibration.  This project was completed in May 2008.

Project: Fuel Oil System Re-commissioning
Client: Highline Medical Center
Contact: Mr. Dave Rinker; Chief Engineer, (206) 439-5475
Description: Coles Consultants L.L.C. commissioned the Boiler and Emergency Generator Fuel Oil Systems in 1998 as a part of an upgrade at the Hospital.  In 2008, it was necessary to relocate the electrical disconnect switches for the Fuel Oil Pumps to accommodate at new expansion project.  Coles Consultants L.L.C. was hired to re-commission the Fuel Oil Systems.  During the re-commissioning process, it was discoverd that one of the Emergency Generator Day Tank Float Switches was defective.  Maintenance staff replaced the defective switch and the Fuel Oil Systems were returned to normal service.