Mechanical Engineering


  • Heat gain/loss calculations.
  • Ventilation ductwork design.
  • Hydronic piping design.
  • Airside and hydronic equipment sizing, selection, and design.
  • Environmental controls and instrumentation.
  • Energy Analysis.


  • Domestic cold and hot water piping design.
  • Soil, drain, waste, and vent piping design.
  • Natural gas piping design.
  • Plumbing equipment sizing, selection, and design.
  • Plumbing fixture selection.


  • Industrial ventilation system design.
  • Process piping design.
  • Process instrumentation and controls.
  • Industrial ventilation instrumentation and controls.

Fire Protection

  • Service sizing.
  • Code Analysis.
  • Performance specifications.


  • Prepare division 15 specifications.
  • Prepare pre-purchase specifications for long-lead/specialty equipment.

Cost Estimates

  • Prepare cost estimates for related projects.